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RCO manipulation and creation tool

  1. sandungas
    This is a repack of the development (a.k.a. experimental) rcomage version published at date 2015/03/11 together with some modifyed files for rcomage (responsible of RCO format conversions) and gimconv (responsible of GIM format conversions)
    All the changes made to the files are synced with the info in, for a better understanding of how things works and why some changes has been made to this files please take a read at the pages on wiki, this template is a good start point: File Formats
    If at some point this repack is updated, the pages in psdevwiki will be updated too (dont expect to be perfectly synced though, most probably wiki is going to be more updated). If you identify some "unknowns" or you consider is needed to modify something please report back and the info in psdevwiki and this repack will be updated

    ZiNgA BuRgA - rcomage
    Sandungas - documentation, research
    Other UngaBunga's - more research ;)
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