PS3 Rebug 4.80/4.81/4.82 Arabic Translation Beta v0.1

98% Finished Arabic Translation Mod

  1. DeViL303
    Not wanting much publicity for this, but i keep getting comments on the youtube video of it asking for it so Im releasing it. Im not really happy with it, that is why I never released it before now, Its 98% complete, but has a couple of text bugs, and as I cant read it , I cant fix them, also I don't have time for this anymore so Im just putting it out there

    Maybe some will just use it the way it is and put up with the few bugs in the text, or maybe someone else will decide to finish it off.

    It is released without any guarantees, so don't blame me if you click "no" some day but you select "yes" because I mixed up some entries.

    Massive thanks to MHAF99 for all the help with this. sorry I could not get it finished and it took me so long to release this much.

    Thanks to HAIDER ENG2AR and Mustafa Star for the original translations this is based on. (CFW 4.55/4.65)

    I pieced these translations together from a few places and then edited them to suit Rebug 4.81 rcos with a lot of help from MHAF99, but there are a few things still not right.

    Confirmed working on Rebug 4.80 too so its probably fine on Rebug 4.82.
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