VITA / PS TV RejuveSnake HENkaku Edition

A Snake clone by Ruben_Wolfe for HENkaku (& Rejuvenate)

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      RejuveSnake (by Ruben_Wolfe)

      As the name suggest, RejuveSnake is a native snake homebrew launched through rejuvenate and coded using vitasdk and xepri's vita2dlib.

      As Im not sure Ill have the time to add all the features I wanted to untill next week or the week after(and its already been ready for some time now) I decided to publish it now and update it when I can.

    • Controls
      • Move the snake using the d-pad
      • Pause using the start button
      • Go back to the main menu by pressing select
      • Everything else for the menus is touch based with the exception of the colors menu in which you could either use touch to select RGB or use the d-pad to do so.

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      • Developer's Link: MEGA