PS3 [RELEASE] PS3 Podcast Player - Enabler v1.00

Add support to the XMB for podcast pkgs.

  1. DeViL303
    Just a small simple XMB mod that adds queries to the category_music.xml for podcast packages at dev_hdd0/game/PODCASTxx/USRDIR/podcast.xml

    Notes: dev_blind must be enabled to install this pkg. Its compatible with CFW and HEN/HAN.


    16 different podcast channels supported for now, more can be added if required.

    The Blindboy Podcast
    As of now there is only 1 podcast available, and that is called The Blindboy Podcast, its an Irish podcast presented by a member of the Rubberbandits. Check it out, you might like it.

    >>Download The Blindboy Podcast 0.50 pkg HERE<<

    That can serve as a template for anyone who wants to create a podcast pkg them selves.

    The Official Playstation Podcast
    There is also an example of a podcast with a built in updater HERE, its got 4 episodes of the Official Playstation Podcast.

    Converting Tool
    This tool can be used to convert mp3 to a compatible format