PS3 Reload XMB v1.0

Quicker than rebooting and the controller stays on - handy for devs/modders

  1. DeViL303
    This is a simple idea I had that Kozarovv created for me to use. It uses webman updater source as a base to create an app that just reloads the XMB quickly.

    This actually does make a nice difference, more than you might think. I have found it very useful when I am creating mods, I get sick of seeing the coldboot and waiting for start up when you have done it 100 times already, also then having to wait for the pad to connect and the glitches that can happen there if you press the PS button too soon etc.

    Thanks to @aldostools for the webman mod updater source and to kozarovv for modding the eboot, i just made it into a pkg with a reboot icon from @Berion as an icon0.

    It can be made to appear inside a sub menu like I have done in CFW Toolbox 1.00, to make it appear in a sub menu on the XMB just add this to the relevant xml.

    <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="reload" attr="reload" src="xcb://localhost/query?sort=+Game:Common.titleForSort&cond=Oe+Game:Game.titleId RELOADXMB"/>
    There are 2 pkgs included in the download, 1 installs to the game category (HG) with singstar content ID so it stays at the top always, and the other installs to Network (CB) for those that dont like adding stuff like this to game for whatever reason.

    Try it out, you will be surprised how much nicer it is compared to rebooting, also makes a nice little beep. :)

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  1. rapsincorte
    Version: v1.0
    unbeatable, thank you very much for this tremendous contribution
    @ devil803
  2. n00b
    Version: v1.0
    Great works sir @devil303
    1. DeViL303
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)