PSP Remote Joy Lite 0.19 2016-08-22

Remote Joy Lite 0.19 (USB tv-out to PC/TV) -neur0n, Akind

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by neur0n, Akind

    • A plugin for implementing a TV-OUT feature while over a USB connection.

      You can now view your PSPs screen on your much larger TV/Computer screen without Component cables.

    • - Improved time to transfer data between PSP and PC
      - Improved compatibility with games

      • ALT + ENTER: full screen / window mode switching
      • ESC: setting mode
      • F1: FPS, color mode display
      • F3: screen transfer of the ON / OFF switching
      • F4: Display ON / OFF of the window title bar
      • F9: recording start / end of the input macro
      • F11: Screen Capture
      • F12: Video capture

    • [​IMG]