PS4 Resident Evil Code: PS4 v1.0

A beat'em up resident evil inspired game

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    • Resident Evil Code: PS4
      Announced there is little, here is a new homebrew (native) for our Ps4, Resident Evil code: PS4 At the base developed for the port of Sony, Ps Vita, it is now available on PS4.


      This homebrew is, for the moment, the same as its Vita version, so you will find the same "functions", the same gameplay and the same design on PS4, the code has been completely changed from .Lua to .Gml thanks to our friend Red-J who gives me a hand on programming and thanks to his samples that help me a lot.

      It installs with a simple .PKG and works in 5.05, no tests were done on the firmwares lower 4.05 and 4.55, I await your returns (if possible) ...
      The goal of this mini - shooter is to survive the waves of enemies but also to keep as many humans alive, you will have access to 3 different weapons (gun, pump and uzi), other weapons will probably arrive with the next update, as well as new players ...

      Little difference with the Vita version, the enemies appear randomly from one party to another, where in the Vita version the "spawn" of the enemies was always the same from one party to the other.​

      Changelog Vita version:

      - Addition of several levels
      - Add multiple enemies
      - Addition of a new musical theme
      - Added an in-game interface
      - Graphic corrections
      - Improvement of the patern of collisions
      - Added screen-intro for each level
      - Added graphics (health bar, combobar, collisions, shots, life items, shadows)
      - Various bug fixes
      - Big changes in the source code
      - Cleaning the source code
      - Public beta version
      - Changing the start menu and writing characters
      - Modification of livearena icons
      - Add an enemy (dog zombie)
      - Addition of different sound effects
      - Adding a music
      - Various corrections and modifications of the source code
      - Non-public alpha version
      - Many modifications of the source code
      - Modifications of sprites of origins​
      Changelog version PS4:
      - Same as v 0.3 Vita
      - Modification of the appearance of the enemies, it is now a random mode
      - Added a menu (new part, tutorial, options and credits)​