PS3 Retroarch Emulator for PS3 HAN 1.0.1

A Retroarch Emulator that works with PS3XPLOIT/PS3 HAN

  1. RandomGuyLovesPS3XPLOIT
    These are the main files needed to make a Retroarch Emulator for PS3XPLOIT/PS3 HAN. Just use cdgenps2 and build it a bin file. After that build it as a PS2 pkg game and it is done ;) Place your roms in the respective console folder in ROMS folder.

    Current consoles available in this build:
    2048 game
    Sega Mega Drive
    Nintendo NES
    Gameboy Color
    Gameboy Advance
    PC MS-DOS (in test)
    Sega CD (in test)

    Download new update here:

    Sorry to all those that had download problems now everything is fixed.
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