PS4 RetroArch (Ps2) - PicoDrive v1.0

The Ps2 Version of RetroArch - PicoDrive (running as a PS2 Classic for PS4)

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    • RetroArch (PS2) - PicoDrive
      A PS4 pkg of RetroArch (ps2) bundled as a PS2 classic for exploited PS4 Consoles (4.05,4.55,4.74,5.05 or 5.07)​

      Thanks to @Fltrujy (developer of PS2 version of RetroArch) CDFS support: / is now functional, so you can add your own roms if needed for each emulator. As usual they are published without Roms, to add them yourself, here is the procedure to follow:
      • - Unzip the archive Retroarch.rar
      • - Then decompile QuickNES.pkg and / or Picodrive.pkg with FAKE_PKG_Generator (orbis-pub-chk.exe)
      • Password: 00000000000000000000000000000000
      • - In the folder Image / recover disc01.iso file
      • - Open this disc01.iso file with Winrar or other
      • - You will find a ROMS folder for QuickNES and 2 folders MASTERSYSTEM and Megadrive for Picodirve
      • - Place ALL your roms in the corresponding folders
      • - Then create the iso that you rename well disc01.iso with CDgenPS2 v3.0
      • - Rebuild the Fpkg with the new disc01.iso file including your own roms with the same password ( 00000000000000000000000000000000).

    Download Retroarch.rar (contains QuickNES & PicoDrive)

    Ps: Other emulators are being tested, if you want to follow my future projects and have a glimpse of these future emotions, all that goes on here: