PS4 RetroArch (PS2) - QuickNES 2019-01-23

RetroArch (PS2) QuickNES- packed as a PS2 Classic for playing on PS4

  1. STLcardsWS

    • You will find in the attached archive 2 pkgs:
      - RetroArch_NES
      - Roms_NES_Installer

      To install the NES Roma, you will have to create the same pkg including your own Roma, so I prepared a Fpkg to decompile with Fake_PKG_Generator (Password: 00000000000000000000000000000000).​

      How to create your Fpkg with your roms:

      - Decompile Roms_NES_Installer.pkg with FAKE_PKG_Generator
      - In the folder Image / recover disc01.iso file
      - Open this disc01.iso file with CDGenPS2 v3
      - You will find a ROMS file
      - Place ALL your roms in this folder
      - Then create the iso that you rename well disc01.iso
      - Rebuild the Fpkg with the new disc01.iso file including your own roms with the same password ( 00000000000000000000000000000000). This is very important otherwise you will have a save error and your roms will be erased when launching the emulator ...​

      Installation tutorial: (only to be done once (first quote))

      - Once your Fpkg created with your NES roms , install it on your PS4 with the Debug setting like any Fpkg
      - Once installed, launch NES Roms Installer on your PS4.
      - In the menu go to Cdfs: /
      - Then in the ROMS folder
      - Check all your Roma by pressing cross on each of them
      - Once all your selected roms do R1 and "Copy"
      - Go back to the main menu and go to MC0: / or MC1: / then make R1 and "paste"
      - Your roms will be copied in this folder MC0 or MC1
      - Exit the application
      - This is only to be done once ... once your roms copied, no need to do it again ...​

      Launch the NES emulator:

      - Return to the debug setting and only now install the Fpkg RetroArch_NES.pkg
      - Answer YES to the question
      - Then launch RetroArch NES (PS2)
      - Load Content, select MC0 or MC1 then your rom
      - To play...​