PS3 RetroXMB Creator 1.7 (4.81 PSX)

Great tool for creating custom retro pkgs, playable directly from XMB icons.

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    Retro XMB Creator
    by aldostools

    Last Release: FEB / 25 / 2015 (v1.7.1)


    This tool allows to create shortcuts of your many type of Games and Videos, with custom image's and artwork and even manuals in DDS format.

    Retro XMB Creator
    Creates These Auto-Boot XMB Icons

    • RetroArch (v1.0.0.2)

    • Autoboot any Retro Arch Playable Rom

    • PlayStation 1 (PSX)

    • Uses IRISMAN as a backend to launch PS1 (irisman is not needed to be installed)

    • PS3 LUA

    • Based on PS3 Lua Player v XXXX?

    • DosBox

    • Create Auto-boot packages for DoPsBox games/apps

    • Movie

    • Auto Luanches Movies/Videos uses Showtime as a Player
    RetroXMB Packages
    • Based around RetroXMB & RetroXMB Lite, this tool will create auto-booting packages with a vast amount of options for XMB Customization. You must have RetroArch installed.
    • Requires to have installed RetroArch on the PS3 (Excluding: LUA/DOS/MOVIE/PS1)

    Optionally you can use this addon RetroArch (Retro XMB Edition) to retain the compatibility in your Retro XMB packages, if RetroArch gets a future update. Requires to have RetroArch installed.

    Retro XMB Creator -- Tab
    ATARIRetroArch - Stella
    DOOMRetroArch - prBoom
    DOOM 2RetroArch - prBoom
    DOSDosBox (doPsbox)
    FBARetroArch - FB Alpha
    FDSRetroArch- Nestopia
    GAMEBOYRetroArch - Gambatte
    GBARetroArch - VBAnext
    GBCRetroArch - Gambatte
    GENRetroArch - Genesis_Plus_GX
    LUAPS3 Lua Player
    MAME (Arcade)RetroArch - MAME2003 (0.78)
    MAMERetroArch - MAME2003 (0.78)
    MEGA CDRetroArch - Genesis_Plus_GX
    MEGA DRIVERetroArch - Genesis_Plus_GX
    NESRetroArch - FCEUmm
    SEGA SG-1000
    SUper famicom
    PlayStation 1 - IRISMAN backend Packages
    • Create PS1 Auto-booting Packages for the XMB, Emulated using IRISMAN as a backend. Which gives the added feature of the PS1 settings from the manager and are accessible by pressing and holding R1 during booting from the XMB.

    Retro XMB Creator Tab(s):

    • PSX
    DoPsBox (dosbox) Packages
    Retro XMB Creator Tab(s):

    • DOS
    PS3 Lua Player XMB Packages
    Retro XMB Creator Tab(s):

    • LUA
    Showtime XMB Video Packages
    • Based around SHOWTIME.Self autoboot a video to be played on Showtime from the XMB. You must have SHOWTIME.self from multiMAN or IRISMAN installed on your PS3 console. For these to work.

    Retro XMB Creator Tab(s):

    • MOVIE
    PS3 Homebrew Packages
    Create a PS3 Homebrew Package with this options.

    Retro XMB Creator Tab(s):

    • PS3



    Changelog for v1.7.0

    • Updated PSX engine with IRISMAN 3.35 (12-28-2014)
    • Added support for the launch of the film from the XMB (using the file SHOWTIME.SELF).
    • Currently supported formats mkv, mp4, avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, m2ts, vob, flv, wmv, asf, divx, xvid, pam, BIK, Bink, VP6, month, 3gp, avi, ogm, ogv, M2T, mts , ts, tsv, tsa, tts, rm, rv, VP3, VP5, VP8, 264, M1V, M2V, M4B, M4P, m4r, m4v, mp4v, EPC, BDMV, dvb, WebM and NSV.
    • Updated launcher showtime to load the payload used by IRISMAN sky.
    Changelog for v1.6.5
    • Now pressing [F1] will open the ICON1.PAM and Manuals Repository created by Redemp on FireDrive for Retro XMB Creator. or alternately you can access in [Preview] mode by right-clicking as seen in the screenshot below.
    • UPDATE: Updated PSX engine with IRISMAN 3.13
    Changelog for 1.6.2
    • Added support to create Lua packages
    • Added support to create PS3 homebrew packages
    • Updated the PSX launcher (IRISMAN 3.03)
    Changelog v1.6.1
    • DDS files now are associated* to Retro XMB Creator .
    It allows to view the .DDS files from Windows Explorer and navigate the pages in the manual folder.
    *Requires Administrator privileges.
    Changelog 1.6:
    • Now it has 36 templates with a custom ICON0 each (created/provided by Redemp)
    • 46 menu skins available (most of them created/provided by Redemp)
    Changelog v1.5.7
    • Added some missing skins (DosBox, MAME, PSX, Quake, NXE)
    • Now each core has a default skin related with the system emulated.
    • (Note: the tool will display the skin currently saved in the Registry.)
    • TIP: Click quickly on the displayed background picture to open the setup dialog to select a new skin.
    • Added "Clean Settings - RetroXMB Creator.reg" to "docs" folder to restore the default settings. Execute this file if the skins are not displayed properly.
    • Added template cfg files for sg-1000, sega sms, sega gg (with their respective skins)
    • Renamed the default memory card to Internal_MC.VM1 (also it doesn't try to rename it with the name of the iso)
    • Added more cleaning code for doom, nxengine-datafiles, bios, etc.
    • The .info files are now copied to the cores folder if the .self is included in the pkg.
    Changelog v1.5.6
    • Replaced the default DDS conversion tool with NConvert by Pierre E. Gougelet.
    Changelog v1.5.5
    • Added display of information about the selected Core.
    Changelog v1.54
    • Added the option to add/remove additional files to/from the roms folder (e.g. parent roms, bios files, etc.).
    Changelog v1.53
    • Added the option to add/remove additional files to/from the roms folder (e.g. parent roms, bios files (if they need to be in the rom folder (such as NEO GEO), etc.).
    • Minor bug fix and CFG file validation
    Changelog v1.52
    • In Retro XMB Creator 1.5.2 now you have support for PS1 games with multiple discs [​IMG]
    • Additionally, I added the option to copy the selected core to the PKG if the cores (SELF files) are copied to .\TEMPLATES\USRDIR\cores
    • Also added a SEGACD template that validates that bios_CD_E.bin, bios_CD_U.bin and bios_CD_J.bin are copied to system folder.
    • Also fixed the issue NEOGEO showing extra settings when F2 is pressed.
    Changelog v1.51
    • For the FBA Core, I added a new template intended specifically for NEOGEO games, which will validate if the exists in the roms folder.If the is copied to TEMPLATE/USRDIR/cores/system, the file will be copied to the roms folder automatically. The template "FBA" will not copy the
    • Some unnecessary bios files (if found) are now removed from /USRDIR/cores/system
    • Added .MDF as supported extension for PS1 isos. If a .cue with the same name of the .iso/.img/.bin/.mdf is found, it will be also copied.
    • Roms/ISOs are now shadow copied to the Work folder when a PKG is being prepared. If the shadow copy fails, a regular copy will be tried. This should speed up the PKG creation, and save some HDD disk space. The PKG will install a regular copy (not a shadow copy).
    More clickable items on the GUI:
    • if the path at the bottom of the window is clicked, a new Explorer window will be opened showing the rom/image.
    • if the package name display at the top of the window is clicked, a new Explorer window will be opened showing the temporary working folder.
    • If the Make button is right clicked, a new Explorer window will be opened showing the Packages folder.
    • If the DOS buttons are right clicked, a new Explorer window will be opened showing the selected file in the folder.
    Changelog v1.50
    • Added support for creation of DOSBOX packages.
    Changelog v1.4x
    • Added support for PS1 isos
    • Added support for paste image from clipboard;
    • Added auto load ICON0/PIC1/PIC2/etc from the rom's folder.
    Changelog v1.35
    • I have added a progress bar when roms are dropped to create multiple packages in batch. Also the selected core is now displayed in preview mode.
    Changelog v1.34
    • I have included these wallpapers in a new folder "Skins" You can select one of them pressing F3 (Blue Icon), then going to the "Skins" tab. The selected skin will be used on the packages created with the selected core.
    Changelog v1.33
    • ICON0.PNG fix in preview mode
    Changelog v1.32
    • Temporary working folders are now stored in .\Work folder. Packages are now stored in .\Packages folder.
    Changelog v1.31
    • I just fixed a regression introduced in 1.3. It should be fixed in version 1.3.1
    Changelog v1.30
    • Added a new Core Options window (press F2 to access it)
    • Changed the aspect_ratio_index from "22" to "0" when Aspect Ratio is 4:3
    Changelog v1.24
    • Added support for"SCE-PS3 Rodin LATIN" font for PARAM.HIP
    • Added an experimental conversion method using the parameters: -rel_scale 0.6, 0.6 -24 dxt1c
    • If the images are already in DDS format, the program will use them, instead of try to do the conversion.(it's not the best approach, but at least the images will have the proper size if you provide them already converted)
    Changelog v1.23
    • Added a list of variables from the text file viewable NVDXT_parameters.
    • Added a new function to set the parameters NVDXT pressing the F2 key from the window RetroXMB Manual Menu.
    • Added display of the size of the image that will be shown at the top of the application next to the title.
    Changelog v1.22
    • Rom location added to PARAM.HIP automatically. (PARAM.HIP txt contents is viewable from XMB by highlighting the rom and pressing ;/\: to access side-bar menu and select "Update Histroy"
    Changelog v1.20
    • Now can create manuals in .DDS format. Just drag & drop the images in .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif or .dds on the Retro XMB Manual window, hit MANUAL button and then create the PKG.
    • RetroXMB Creator can be used as a manual reader on uncompressed PKG files
    Changelog v1.1.5
    • Various minor Tweaks and Additions.
    • cleaning more bugs
    Changelog v1.1.1
    • ICON0.png/jpeg -- (drag & drop image or right click on the icon in preview mode)
    • ICON1.PAM -- (right click on the icon in preview mode/no video preview)
    • PIC0.png/jpeg -- (drag & drop image or right click on the icon in preview mode)
    • PIC1.png/jpeg --- (drag & drop image or right click on the icon in preview mode)
    • PIC2.png/jpeg (4.3 Televisions) --- (right click on the icon in preview mode/no image preview)
    • SND0.AT3 --- (right click on the icon in preview mode)
    • Custom PARAM.HIP (click on the top-left "i" button in preview mode)
    • RetroArch.cfg (Double click on the emulator type found at the left of the main window to edit the .cfg in template folder)
    • Inject "MANUAL" folder in DDS format PARTIAL (it creates a MANUAL folder and includes it in the PKG if you add the .DDS files)
    • RetroArch Global Settings PARTIAL (Click on the top-right blue icon to open a settings window with some global parameters)
    • Support to use the folder structure of the @STLcardsWS 's PKG for RetroArch "Retro XMB Edition" (seen below)
    Changelog v1.0.5
    • Support in preview to "drag & drop" images
    Changelog v1.0.4
    • Preview button
    • Right-click on preview button for the hidden settings menu
    • For now it only has the option to define the Title ID of RetroArch (default: SSNE10000 (default RetroArch Cores), but you can change it to RETRO0000 (RetroXMB Lite) or any other that you prefer)
    • Added templates for QuickNES and NEStopia.
    Changelog v1.0.3
    • Added support for DOOM (prboom)
    Changelog v1.0.2
    • Added Custom Path Options for ROM(s) locations
    • Added Custom Path Options for SAVES Location .
    Changelog v1.01
    • Fixed a bug in retroarch.cfg path
    • Intial Release

    Tips & Tricks
    • Hint: Use [F1] to visit the Repository of ICON1.PAM and Manuals for Retro XMB Creator created by Redemp on FireDrive.
    • Tip: Latest version of RetroXMB Creator is always included in PS3 Tools collection.

    Thanks & Credits
    Thanks to Themaister/TwinAphex for RetroArch, STLcardsWS/doobz for the template examples, Redemp for the skins, icons, manuals, tests and ideas. Floris van den Berg for FreeImage.dll, Pierre-E Gougelet for NConvert.

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