Latest Reviews

  1. DeViL303
    Version: v2.3
    Great little application, worked for me to convert PS4 BGM AT9s to wav. thanks.
  2. cualquiercosa327
    Version: v0.8
    This is a wonderful plugging. Thanks
  3. B-Man
    Version: 1.15
    you bloody legend! I Joined just to say you saved my sanity.
    I updated to a 2TB drive and had nothing but issues.
    I couldn't use winhiip. ended up using HDLD helper with a macro to batch them to job list (stuff around in itself) only for it to crash. so had to do 50 at a time or would crash. I get about halfway through the HDD and the program stops recognizing the hard drive as a ps2 hard drive!

    I find this program edit the batch and change it to test (should only do a few games as it went through my whole list for each one popping up with wanting admin rights for each game (i turned that notification off) then had a popup saying program installed incorrectly (HDLDUMP.exe) but i marked that as installed correctly and all was good.
    Speeds are about 57MB/s with both target and source drives in the same NAS. (HDLHelper gui using v0.86) was getting about 100-110MB/s) but this just works!
    And dont get me started on naming! if i had this 6 months ago my life would of been easier! btw the new OPl does do new names again but using this tool would be 1,000,000x faster
  4. Diegiwg
    Version: 2.0
    Hello, could you upgrade to work with PS3HEN? Please...
  5. Niander466
    Version: 1.8B
    excelente me ajudou muito
  6. LexGamer2003
    Version: v4.6
    I really really like the mods included but it would be awesome if we got the option to choose which mods we want (like a custom install).
    1. LuanTeles
      Author's Response
      Sorry, but it can't be done, this is not how the installer works and a single file can have many mods inside of it can depend of another ones