Latest Reviews

  1. PolybiusOfficial
    Version: v4.8.1
    Some bad compatibility, but a good job.
  2. Yugonibblit
    Version: v3.7
    This Resource is always kept up and problems are always addressed in a timely manner.i love this theme gives new excitement to the PlayStation 3.
  3. PolybiusOfficial
    Version: 2.45
    I give 3 starts.

    I needed to downloaded from another website cause some error on download link.
  4. ferhat
    Version: 2019-04-27
  5. Yugonibblit
    Version: BETA 2
    Quake II was a blast for me on this great emulator!
  6. HowArtThou
    I would use, but my android doesn't have a hotspot option for the wlan interface, i've tried hotspot apps on google play but with no luck, sad i know, anyway we can get the android version of this app converted over to pc as well? I've tried all the other pc proxy builds but to no avail on 4.85 update.
    1. DADi590
      Author's Response
      Hi. I didn't even know this didn't work if the device doesn't have hotspot support. Interesting. Thanks for saying that! That's infortunate... About the PC part... Actually, I've thought on such thing. To put the exact app in the PC with the same functions, but I don't have experience in the programming languages to make a decent program for Windows yet (C/C++). But you can always use the PC program! It's called PS3 Proxy Server (search for PS3 Proxy Server GUI, I think it works better). Exists since long ago. 2012 or something like that. Search for some tutorials about that. If you want to put it permanent, write in the version, 0.00 and not 4.85. 0.00 puts it permanent (it will tell the PS3 to login if the version the PS3 has is greater than 0.00, which is of course true). Btw, play nice. Don't cheat...
  7. BlackMagicksHacks
    Version: 2019.06.16
    Nice work , congratulations
  8. Nando
    Version: v1.01
    Unfortunately, this does not work anymore. The idea is great and I'd love to have this, but every download gives a 404 error. :/
    1. DeViL303
      Author's Response
      Hi, Its only made for 4.81 due to the sprx files included. I have no plans to update it at the moment.