PS2 Rockbot 1.1.1

A game freely inspired by the classic 8-bit jump-and-shoot Megaman game style.

  1. kozarovv

    • An open-source, SDL based, game engine to replicate old style Rockman (aka Megaman) games, being as close as possible of Rockman 1-6, and an editor made with Qt, for custom graphics, weapons, bosses, enemies and level creation. Please access our web page for more details.
      The engine code is meant to be highly portable, thanks to SDL, and have been ported and tested in:
      - Linux
      - Windows
      - macOSX (x86) (not currently supported)
      - Playstation 2
      - Nintendo DS (abandoned)
      - Dingux
      - Open Pandora

      Any system with SDL and 24 or 32 MB should be able to run it. Porters are welcome!
    • 1.1.1

      • allow user to set up/down/left/right keys in input config.
      • the input configuration will be applied only when the user leaves the config menu.
      • fix editor release version crashing in Windows platform.
      • faster screen transition in Android.
      • do not allow player to shot more projectiles after firing an amor-piece special one.
      • check the maximum number of projectiles depending on type, weapon or normal.
      • if jump height surpasses 80% of total height, continue jumping even if player releases the jump button.
      • new object-type for last boss capsule, fixing the old bug of player vanishing on last stage after beating all 8-bosses.
      • do not allow player to jump while on push-back.
      • reduce push-back duration and movement.
      • adjust hit animation to endure only while player is intangible.
      • change Dynamite’s AI*, so it won’t dash when hit as it makes the fight too unfair.
      • Shocker’s projectiles must use sin trajectory.
      • new graphics for some stages and adjusts in tiles, tileset and map backgrounds.


      • New physics system, much closer to Megaman/Rockman.
      • Stage sub-bosses, with room that blocks player passage until it is defeated.
      • When game is finished, two new characters become available.
      • Stage review and redesign.
      • Three armor pieces that give each character a different ability.
      • New object types:
        • Fire beam.
        • Death ray.
        • Teleporters..
        • Block that can be destroyed with explosion.
        • Special tank, recharge both hit points and all weapons.
      • You can now set the direction (left/right) of an object when placing it on the map in editor.
      • Ice terrain with inertia.
      • Great optimization in the game with the removel of a duplicate screen updating call.
      • Enemy respawn can be defined in the editor.
      • Combination of keys down and jump isn’t used for sliding anymore. use button instead.
      • Removed stages using different tileset after beaten.
      • Fix chain weapon behavior, it now should follow player movement and direction.
      • Improvements and correction in game dialogs.
      • Several bug fixes and small improvements.
      • Improvements in weapons:
        • You can activate the bomb by pressing attack button.
        • When enemies are paralysed a spark effect is shown in screen.
        • The player isn’t paralysed if intangible after hit.
        • Magic Star needs three hits to dissapear.
        • Bombs can’t be reflected.

    Can run ONLY FROM USB!

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