VITA / PS TV SafeDump v1.1

Makes VPK/EBOOT "safe" for install checks

  1. atreyu187
    This recursively toggles all EBOOTs and VPKs in a folder from unsafe mode to safe mode. Drag and drop the folder containing maidumps/vpks on top of SafeDump's executable binary. It will toggle all unsafe eboots found, either loose (maidump) or packed (vpk), it will also take care of eboot_origin, of zips and of zipped VPKs.
    This is not my code, the author didn't want to be in the spotlight so I have published it.
    I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF SOMETHING YOU SAFE MODED WITH THIS STILL BRICKS YOUR VITA. You run anything on your vita at your own risk, use your own judgement.

Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fixes for 0kb eboots