PSP ScanLine 0.1 2016-08-01

Scanline effect for PSP & PSTV - POC by Omega2058

  1. bguerville

    • This is a simple tool to create a scanline effect for PSP games and homebrew.
      I'd recommend trying this on an 'actual' PSP first instead of a Vita eCFW since it's in beta stages but It's been tested on PSTV and seems to work fine on that platform as well.

      I completed this simple POC in under 2 hours with some modifications after googling for information since I had free time before bed. It has a 'shaky' effect from the scan-lines being drawn too (not really intended, but oh well).

      Tested on 6.60 PRO-C (PSPGo).

      • Be warned that I'm not a graphics person and I did the best I could and it definitely needs improvement. Chances are that some games might run really slow. Or the scan-lines may/may not be produced in certain situations (I haven't tested it that much).

      There's no button functionality yet for toggling.

    • [​IMG]

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