PS3 scetool (Sorvigolova) 0.2.14 win

Tool to handle self, elf, sprx files

  1. kozarovv
    ==> History <==
    Version 0.2.14
    - Added PS3 Linux support.
    - Fixed ECDSA checking.
    Version 0.2.13
    - Unlocked decryption for self files with network license type.
    - Fixed one minor bug with capability flags.
    Version 0.2.12
    - Enabled options to compress and skip sections for SPU selfs.
    - Extended information about the NPDRM selfs.
    Version 0.2.11
    - Added .klic files support for easy decryption of the free-license-type NPDRM selfs.
    - "PS3" path environment variable will now be searched for "data", "raps" and "klics" directories.
    - Enabled encryption for APP and NPDRM SPU selfs.
    Version 0.2.10
    - Added ECDSA Signature parsing and validation.
    - Added klicensee parsing.
    - Fixed metadata info IV parsing.
    - Enabled Individuals seed functions for <public build> configuration.
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