PS2 Sega Genesis (PGEN) 1.5.1 2016-09-28

Sega Genesis Emulator -Bruno Freitas (bootsector)

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    -Bruno Freitas (bootsector)

    • Sega Genesis / Mega Drive emulator for the PS2.

    • 18th March, 2007: v1.5.1 - Changes include:

      Now using older ps2hdd related IRX modules instead of latest PS2SDK ones because console wasn't turning off!
      Fixed minor credits screen scroll bug.

      10th Janurary, 2007: v1.5 - Changes include:

      CPU68K ABCD instruction fix by bootsector (thanks Barry)
      Added gslib 0.51 library files
      Changed background image (thanks to luckess ;)

      28th July, 2006: v1.4 - Changes include:

      Updated to recent ps2sdk
      Added usb mass storage support

    • This version fixes the ABCD instruction for the CPU68K processor.

      So games like Streets of Rage, Phantasy Star III, and many others don't get the score messed up!

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