PS2 Shippy 1984 r01

Is a small, portable game designed to bring back nostalgia for the ways games used to be made.

  1. kozarovv
    Shippy 1984

    • The Angryfez Army and their minions have pointed the ultimate battle at earth! Only Happyfez can save the day! Are you ready ?

      While playing with the SDL library, I got this tiny but very addictive game working :) Don't expect too much, it's a "one hour" quick port, and controls are not perfects (it should be reworked), but you can already enjoy it with this first version !

      Shippy1984 copyright 2004 by CrappyGames.
      PS2 port copyright 2006 by Evilo.
      Game sprites and code by Ryan Broomfield 2004.
      Music by neoblaze 2004.
      Title screen, font, and website logo by kaizrsze 2004.