PS3 sMAN (webMAN + slaunch) v1.12n

webMAN + sLaunch = sMAN (A New UI to mount your games from the XMB)

  1. deank

    • sMAN is a new take on the webMAN plugin by developer @deank, the creator of the original webMAN project,This plugin has incorporated webMAN and the "sLaunch" feature into a single plugin. This gives webMAN (sMAN rather) a new UI for selecting and mounting your games. No longer using the "My Games" folder on the XMB, Now, instead launching a New UI (as seen pictured above) by simply holding the START Button on the XMB.

      if you prefer the "My Games" (webMAN vanilla) or "webMAN Games" (in webMAN MOD). Those plugins are still available with those features. This is just another choice for user's from deank..

    • sman.jpg sman_setup.jpg

    Support @deank's Projects (multiMAN / webMAN / sMAN) more information @:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: v1.02
    A great plugin that combines all the great feature of webMAN + the slaunch feature