PS3 sMAN (webMAN + slaunch) v1.06n

webMAN + sLaunch = sMAN (A New UI to mount your games from the XMB)

  1. sMAN 1.06n

    sMAN 1.06n ( | )
    • Some important parts of the plugin are rewritten and optimized to reduce stack usage
    • Returned another 112KB back to fg vsh :) (2316KB free - was 1920KB a month ago without ntfs :) so about 396KB less used)
    • Changed sman.bin to support longer game names/paths/icons - a rescan will be initiated
    • Cleaned some code (about 1000 lines gone after the optimization)
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  2. sMAN v1.05

    • * Use [L2+R2] to start sMAN
    • * The sprx is bigger (but actually uses less memory) because it contains some glued resources
    • * It will use standard PS1/PS2/PSP/PS3/Blu-ray/DVD icons when there is no proper cover/image available
    • * This version of the plugin must be named sman.sprx and loaded from (in this exact order):
      • /dev_hdd0/sman.sprx or
      • /dev_hdd0/plugins/sman.sprx or
      • /dev_flash/vsh/module/sman.sprx otherwise it won't work. The...
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  3. sMAN v1.02

    • Changed netiso/rawseciso implementation (external) - use plugin slot #0
    • Fixed crash when trying to load another PS1 title after one is played
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  4. sMAN v1.01

    • Added "Setup" option in side-menu
    • Removed xml generation - no need for custom category_game.xml anymore
    • Removed xai_plugin/idle_plugin usage
    • Added x2 upscale for small images/covers (w/h < 336)
    • Added indication of current group mode (PS3 1 / xxx) under title name/path
    • Removed "My Games" entry from XMB - hold [START] to launch sMAN
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