PS4 SMS+ (Sega Master System - EMU) - [PSP on PS4] v1.0

PSP Homebrew on PS4 (Sega Master System Emulatpr)

  1. STLcardsWS

    • Here is a new emulator available for our dear PS4. This time I used PSP emulation to make SMS + compatible (Master System emulator on PSP) on the latest Sony console.

      This emulator works on all models and firmwares PS4 jailbroken, you will add your own roms in .zip or sms format, it is also possible to change the background of the emulator if you are interested (background.png).
      All the games do not work at 100%, there are some small bugs here and there for some titles, you can also set some options in the emulator menu (L1 + R1) to improve your gaming experience ( full screen, better sound, speed of emulation etc ...)

      Adding Roms - Tutorial:

      • - Decompile Emu-SMS- (PSP) .pkg with FAKE_PKG_Generator (orbis-pub-chk.exe)
      • password ( 00000000000000000000000000000000)
      • - In the folder data / retrieve the image.iso file
      • - Open this image.iso file with winrar
      • - Add your roms in PSP_GAME / SYSDIR /
      • - Then create the iso with UMD Generator that you rename well image.iso
      • - Rebuild the Fpkg with the new image.iso file including your own roms with the same password ( 00000000000000000000000000000000).
      PS: Sour source I can announce the coming of a future neogeo emulator cd soon [​IMG] more info here