PSP snes9xTYL Mod 170828

Super Nintendo emulator for PSP

  1. snes9xTYL Mod 170727

    -Fixed Speed hacks option that wasn't saved separately for each game.
    -Added optimizations for SA1 games.**
    -Added support for Super Mario World VLDC 9 romhack.**
    -Added code to apply hardcoded speedhack patches for the main CPU and SA1 games.**
    -Added instructions to specifically allow games to wake the SA1 chip from the main CPU.**
    -Implemented SA1 sleep speedhack on the following games:**
    Super Mario RPG.
    Kirby’s Dreamland.
    Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius.
    Kirby Super Star.
    Super Robot Taisen.
    Panic Bomber World.
    Dragon Ball Hyper Dimension.
    SD Gundam Next.
    Power Rangers Zeo.
    Daisenryaku Expert 2.
    Masters New Augusta 3.
    Bass Fishing.
    J96 Dream Stadium.
    Shining Scorpion.
    Pebble Beach New.
    PGA European Tour.
    SD F1 Grand Prix.
    -Minor changes and optimizations
    **Changes based on snes9x 3DS.
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