PSP Sssss 0.2 2016-08-22

Sssss 0.2 (Screenshots with NOTE button) -neur0n

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by neur0n

    • SSSSS is a simple screenshot plugin that support's image formats such as BMP or PNG or JPG

      You can save picture as bmp, png or jpeg.

      ssssspng.prx -> save as png.
      sssssjpg.prx -> save as jpeg.
      sssssbmp.prx -> save as bmp.

      Press note button to take screenshot.

    • *ini setting
      You can change shot button if edit ini file.
      And if you use sssssjpg.prx, can set compress level.
      (Default is 80 percent.)

      Sample ini file is in "ini" folder.

    • *Credit
      maxem's libini(
      hiroi01's pprefs(

      *Developer info
      mailto:[email protected]
      twitter @takeyakou