PS4 Stickman Zombie Attack v1.0

When Hangman is not enough try Stckman Zombie Attack

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    Stickman Zombie Attack

    • via med33 @ psxhax After a lot of work, I'm announcing Stickman Zombie Attack homebrew game PKG made with Unity for the PS4.​

      Thanks to all the beta testers @jwooh, @DEFAULTDNB and @FFTHEWINNER they helped me a lot finding bugs and giving me ideas.​

      PS4 controls:
      • Left analog stick: aim the gun
      • Right analog stick: move (in boss battle)
      • L1, R1, Square: shoot
      • Cross: Rage (when available)
      • Triangle: Jetpack (when available)
      • Circle: throw bomb (when available)
      • Options: pause
      I guess I fixed all the bugs the testers found in the game, however, if you find any other bugs please let me know here or on Twitter.

      Have Fun upload_2019-5-23_20-21-42.gif

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