PS2 Super Nintendo (SNES Station- ffgriever MOD) 0.2.4 USB-HDD 2016-09-28

Super Nintendo Emulator (with Hardcoded/Updated Mass Storage IRXs) -ffgriever & Hiryu

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by ffgriever & Hiryu

    • Super Nintendo / Super Famicom emulator for the PS2.

    • 2007:

      Updated/Hardcoded USBD IRX


      Zipped ROM Support

      Full State Save to Memory Card

      Completely New High-resolution GUI

      New memory card manager

      New In-game Menu

    • Emulator may freeze while saving, or adjusting settings in the options menu, in certain PS2 models.

    • [​IMG]

    • ffgriever
      Mega Man

      Original Credits:

      PS2 specific code, as well as many changes to the emulation core by A.Lee (Hiryu)

      This emulator is based on Snes9x written by Gary Henderson and others

      'gsLib' PS2 graphics library written by Hiryu (A.Lee)

      LibCDVD PS2 CD/DVD library written by Hiryu

      SjPCM sound library written by Sjeep

      Memory card icon was designed by Nikorasu

      Menu and website graphics by Gonz0, Ragnarok and Hiryu

      Menu music "can't stop coming" was written by azazel

      PS2 kernel code based on work by Gustavo Scotti

      Joypad library by |pukko|

      Thanks to:

      My family for putting up with me spending so much time working on this project

      Sjeep for SjPCM, helping out with my new CD Filing System Driver, and continued help and support

      Nikorasu for the excellent SNES Memory Card icon

      |pukko| and others for ps2Link, and Team InPulse for InLink win32 which were used throughout development

      Justice7 and the rest of the gamebase crew for hosting my website

      Everyone at #ps2-emulation for all their help and support

      Everyone at #ps2dev and #psx2dev for all the PS2 coding help

      Bgnome and M0rphius for writing several of the SNES-Station docs

      The BETA testers:

      Sjeep, HyperG, emukidid, |cloud| and justice7


      Sjeep, MRBrown, Oobles, adresd, Jules, Nagra, Warren, LongChair, pukko, Vzzrzzn, now3d, dreamtime, sg2, asadr, Justice7, [vex], [WaL], emukidid, Nikorasu, RUNTiME, and anybody that I forgot to mention