PS2 Super Nintendo (SnesStation) 0.2.4S 2016-09-06

Super Nintendo Emulator (2016 Restoration) -SP193

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    -by SP193

    • Super Nintendo / Super Famicom emulator for the PS2.

      -Released- ( 09/05/2016 )
      UPDATED ( 09/06/2016 )

    • Changelog for v0.2.4S UPDATE ( 09/06/2016 ):

      Added an option to exit.

      Added help text for the exit option.

      Re-added the file filter for ROMs.

    • Changelog for v0.2.4S ( 09/05/2016 )

      • Updated to use the latest FILEXIO, IOMAN, USBD, USBHDFSD, HDD and PFS modules from the PS2SDK.

      • No dependency on libhdd.

      • No dependency on the obsolete usbmass library.

      • Updated CDVD IRX (overlay module by Hiryu) module (no more freezing when there is no disc inserted).

      • Built-in support for USB mass storage devices and the HDD unit.

      • On-the-fly patching, so that it is easier to update the patch.

      • IOP Reset fix (missing synchronization).

      • No dependency on the mainboard-specific modules (i.e. XSIO2MAN, LIBSD), for compatibility with all PlayStation 2 models.

      • Support for interlaced video modes.

      • Added option for controlling the interlace option.

      • Interlaced NTSC/PAL is used by default.

    • With these changes, the emulator will probably stay relevant for a while longer.

      The source code will be released later on, if there are no problems with it.

    • [​IMG]

    • Credits:

      • SnesStation development team for SnesStation.

      • Mega Man for the original patch.

      • Hiryu and Sjeep for their CDVD library.