VITA / PS TV Tactic Miner HENkaku Edition

A Homebrew Game for the PS Vita / PSTV by woore

  1. STLcardsWS

    • Tactic Miner

      Hi all!

      I tried to make a small action game using Xerpi's vita2dlib for maximum gpu acceleration effect (Thanks Xerpi!)
      Gameplay heavily relies on simultaneous usage of left and right stick. Very basic because I lack free time atm.

      Description: Tactic miner fell in an unknown cavern. Help him escape. 'Little' 2d action game for ps vita and ps tv.

      Author: woore (+xerpi's vita2dlib)

    • Controls :
      • Select - pause
      • Left stick - moves
      • Right stick - redirects helmet lamp,
      • Triggers - Lamp on/off

    • Tips

      Green mushrooms : cures poison
      Red mushrooms : cures poison and adds extra life

      • Hint : beyond 40 screens away from starting screen, it's suggested to return to first screen and try another direction... (unless you want to collect many red mushrooms)