VITA / PS TV Tetromino (Tetris Clone) 0.7

A sleek looking Tertis Clone for Your HENkaku exploited Vita or PSTV.

  1. Tetromino v0.7

    v0.7 - new look'n'feel
    • added a menu
    • added credits screen
    • added help screen
    • full interface is now touch enabled
    • made icon0.png white background (transparant does not work)
    • 'redesigned' game interface
    • fixed level indication
    • fixed score.visual
    • switched to a better random seed for blocks
    • fixed a score bug, multi lines now count as intended
    • added a statistic overview after a game...
  2. Tetromino v0.6

    v0.6.1 - working sound

    • upstream sound fix
    • decreased the amount of increase_speed calls
    • changed startup img
    build against vita-lpp nightly from 8 okt. 2017

    v0.6 -...
  3. Tetromino v0.5

    v0.5 - new interface :)
    • fixed issue when game over the vscore was stuck below the reall score
    • fixed a bug where user input (left & right) in subsequent game would not be taken
    • sprite power icon
    • reworked interface
    • added level guide
    • added buttons as help
  4. Tetromino v0.4

    v0.4 - small steps towards a better future
    • added support for highscore
    • fixed similar color for two pieces
    • fixed line_count not resetting after a game_over
    • show battery indicator
    • sticky direction are now working
  5. Tetromino v0.2