VITA / PS TV Tetromino - Touhou Edition 0.7A-TH1

Touhou Edition is a version of Tetromino (originally designed by Svenn) for the PSVita that has a T

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    Tetromino - Touhou Edition
    By Aurora and Svenn

    • Tetromino – Touhou Edition is a version of Tetromino (originally designed by Svenn) for the PSVita that has a Touhou theme and an enchanced code base.

      Tetromino – Touhou Edition has the following features:
      • It’s based on Tetromino 0.7 with some enhancements
      • A Touhou theme. Every 750 points (up to 6750 points), the background image and audio are changed with those of another Touhou character!
      • Ability to hold pieces and drop them later
      • Different levels to choose from (Easy, Medium, Hard) that don’t become harder the more lines you finish. There’s also the Classic mode which is how the game behaves in official versions
      • A new font and menu pointer
      • New LiveArea screen
      • Can be installed alongside normal Tetromino so you can have both versions of the game installed at the same time!

      • Svenn for the base game
      • Myself (Aurora of Wololo) for the Touhou Mod and the code enhancements mentioned above
      • Rinnegatamante for Lua Player Plus (used to interpret the game)
      • for the Revue font
      • for some game sounds
      • The Touhou Community for the level images and music

      Due to the fact that the images/audio used for the different levels are mostly from Touhou fans, tracking down the original author is a chore. As a result of this, I’ve decided not to waste my time tracking down the original authors since I obtained the images/audio for the levels from sources that were reposting them without much regard for their copyright. If you are the author of one these images/audio tracks, please tell me to credit you and I’ll write your name over here!

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