PS2 The Dungeon Game 2016-10-08

Tiny game inspired by classics like Dungeon Siege and Diablo.

  1. kozarovv
    The Dungeon Game


    • Welcome to the coolest demo in this project, a full-blown dungeon crawling game! This tiny game was inspired by classics like Dungeon Siege and Diablo. It features third-person perspective camera, PS2 Controller input, melee combat between player and badies, particle effects, shadow-blobs and MD2 animations. No health items, but killing an enemy will give you some HP back. Overall, the game is quite hard; this was not intended, it just happened ;).

    • Player movement controls:
      • [UP]
      • [DOWN]
      • [RIGHT]
      • [LEFT]
      • [L_THUMBSTICK]: Free movement in all directions.

      Camera rotation controls:
      • [L1]: Rotate camera to the left;
      • [R1]: Rotate camera to the right;
      • [L2]: Pitch the camera up;
      • [R2]: Pitch the camera down;
      • [L3]: Zoom in;
      • [R3]: Zoom out;
      • [R_THUMBSTICK]: Combines all the above.

      • [SELECT]: Toggles the developer console;
      • [START]: Toggles several debugging tools;
      • [CROSS]: Make the player attack;
      • [TRIANGLE]: Quit to main menu.

    • Running the game

      I’ve included pre-built ELF executables in the repository. Those executables are stand-alone and ready to play in an Emulator or Console. If you have PCSX2 installed, just fire up the Emulator and choose run ELF, then select the game executable. Sound will probably not work on the Emulator, couldn’t get it to function properly for some reason, so I have disabled it on the Emulator run. It should play fine on the Console.
      To run the game or any of the other demos on a PS2, you’ll need a modified (AKA jailbroken) PlayStation that can run homebrew software. Jailbreak unfortunately involved an actual hardware modification in the Console, so if you bought a legit one from an official Sony dealer, you probably can’t run homebrew software in it. If you do have a modified device, then you can use a bootloader such as uLaunchELF to start the Console and then load a homebrew app from a USB stick, memory card or even CD/DVD.

    • A simple test level

      The Dungeons

      The Graveyard