PS3 They Do Not Die 2 v0.8

They Do Not Die 2 is a top down 2D zombie shooter. It features a massive procedurally generated city

  1. kozarovv
    They Do Not Die 2

    • Here is a small update for They Do Not Die 2 along with its first Windows release.

      I’ve added blood and corpses. On Wii and PS3 they quickly shrink until they disappear but on Windows they fade instead of shrink (which I think looks a lot better) and there can be more of them in the game world at a time which means that they disappear more slowly.

      I’ve also made a handful of minor and most likely unnoticeable changes (mostly related to city generation).

      PS3 controls:
      Left analog stick = Move
      Right analog stick = Aim
      L1 = Fire the rocket launcher
      R1 = Fire the machine gun
      L2 = Fire the shotgun
      L3 = Run
      Start = Pause
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