PS3 TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder by JjKkYu 1.65

PC Tool to decrypt/encrypt edat or sdat files for PS3

  1. jjkkyu

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      TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder 1.65 by JjKkYu
      Allows to decrypt/encrypt EDAT but also SDAT files on your PC. Very useful for customisations.
      Check it out!

    • TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder

      1. Add devklic auto-seeking in batch mode.
      2. Add pause in all file lists.
      3. Fix crash issue in add DevKlic.
      4. Update instructions.

      1. Add toolkit section & devklic seeking function.
      2. Add devklic auto-seeking at decrypting/rebuiding.

      1. Remove all the restricts in program.
      2. Change JRE check warning display.
      3. Add dev_klics.txt to tool folder.

      1. Fix some silly issues.
      2. To launch the c version, please run rebuilder-c.exe.

      1. Batch mode and compress support is opened to public.
      2. Klic Bruteforcer is updated to v2.1.

      1. Fix bug in rebuilding edat version 1 files.

      1. Batch mode is disabled in public release.
      2. Compressed EDAT support is disabled in public release.

      v1.41 Internal Release
      1. Support rebuilding non-compressed zero content edat files.

      v1.40 Internal Release
      1. Fix bug in rebuild process.

      v1.35 Internal Release
      1. Use flatz' rap2rifkey.exe to get rifkey now.

      v1.31 Internal Release
      1. Fix file missing when failing to rebuild files.

      v1.30 Internal Release
      1. Change rebuilding method.
      2. Support rebuilding compressed edat files.
      3. Add generate unlock edat function.
      4. Add backup files switch, default is off.
      5. Add skip java check.

      1. Add subfolder traversal in edat/sdat folder.
      2. Fix 2G+ file handling issue (probably).
      3. Fix syntax issue while handling certian edat files.
      4. Re-adjust the mainmenu.

      1. Add SDAT file supporting.

      1. Fix Java OutOfMemory for encrypting big files.
      2. Add JVM Memory config in tool\core.cfg.

      v1.0 Features:
      1. Decrypt and encrypt edat files on pc.
      2. Fast rebuild mode.
      3. Batch mode.
      4. Dev Klic should be input manually at now.

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      TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder v1.65 - Mirror 1

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