PS3 TrueAncestor SELF Resigner by JjKkYu 1.98

PC Tool to resign executable self/eboot.bin/sprx files for PS3

  1. jjkkyu

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      TrueAncestor SELF Resigner 1.98 by JjKkYu
      Resign executable files for PS3 with this tool for PC (Windows).
      The tool can also be used to resign SELF/EBOOT.BIN but also SPRX files...
      Check it out!

    • TrueAncestor SELF Resigner

      1. Add Magic Patch EBOOT/SELF/SPRX function.

      1. Add raps checking before decrypt/resign EBOOT.BIN.
      2. Change bruteforcer engine to klic_bruteforcer.
      3. Add new klics.txt to tool folder.

      1. Fix issue in batch resign SELF/SPRX files.

      1. Change old switches to output method switch.
      2. Add output for ODE.
      3. Change default output as 4.XX STD.
      4. Update instructions.

      1. Fix issue when resigning SELF/SPRX with all zero klicensee.

      1. Add custom sign SELF/SPRX files.
      2. Add raps folder, rap file can be put here to resign local type selfs.

      1. Turn on compress data switch as default.
      2. Add decrypt SELF/SPRX option.
      3. Add Klic Pool file in tool folder.
      4. Fix bug in resigning npdrm self file.

      1. Turn on control flags switch as default.
      2. Auto-change control flags switch when 4.21+ alt switch is changed.
      3. Fix resign NPDRM SELF/SPRX option, previous version not working.
      4. Update instructions.

      1. Rename to TrueAncestor SELF Resigner.
      2. Support batch resigning SELF/SPRX files.
      3. Add options for CEX CFW.
      4. Set non-compress data as default.
      5. Change ELF patching method, credit to Ftsm.
      6. Update instructions.

      1. Add alternative option for 4.21 CFW.
      2. Add instructions.
      3. Hide scetool screen feedback.

      1. Fix script logic error in option 3.

      1. Support resign EBOOT compitable for all CFW.
      2. Merge 3.55/3.41 option with 4.XX option.

      1. Add supporting resign 4.25 EBOOT to 4.21 in 4.XX options.
      2. Fix 4.25 EBOOT resign to 3.55/3.41/DEX.

      1. Re-make user interface and script.
      2. Re-make scetool key file (appldr to 4.30/npdrm to 4.25).
      3. Add 3.41 CFW support.
      4. Add decrypt FSELF option.
      5. Auto-load ContentID from npdrm EBOOT.
      6. Fix 3.55/3.41 resign for some games.

      1. Fix a script logic.

      1. Fix 3.55 resign for some games.

      1. Add 3.55 CFW support.
      2. Add keys to 4.25.

      1. Add decrypt EBOOT option.
      2. Add DEX support.

      4.21 EBOOT Resigner
      1. Resign EBOOT for 4.21 CFW usage.

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