PS3 UFO Racer (SixAxis Support) v3.4 -4.xx

This UFO Racer allows for custom track design and offers SixAxis Support.

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    • Game:
      • UFO Racer
      • ThatOtherDev
      About UFO Racer: UFO Racer, as the self-explanatory title suggests, is a racing game involving extra terrestrials in hovering/flying vehicles. Some stats are displayed on screen showing how much of the looping track you have finished, how many times you have completed a lap and what the shortest amount of time you have done so in has been

      • SixAxis Controller Support
      • Track Editor

    • GamePlay Controls:
      • :but x: - Accelerate
      • :but cir: - Brake / Reverse
      • :left down::left right: :right up: :right left: to control the ship.
      • Added in v3.4 -- SixAxis Support was added to control the UFO.
      Track Editor Controls
      • In the editor you use the directional pad to move around and press the :but x: and :but cir: buttons to change the type and rotation of the selected tile. Pressing :but start: will save the track and return you to the main menu.

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