PS1 UniROM v6

No Swap Plug & Play Mod for Action Replay

  1. atreyu187

    Unirom Combines:

    Major update: GUI, nocash unlock and fastboot.

    Unirom Combines:

    -Caetla 0.34 (for catflap/etc over LPT)
    -X-Flash (for X-Killer over LPT)
    -PSXSerial 1.3 (for use with PSXSerial over serial)
    -MYAR (Foo Chen Hong's third party AR style comms)

    Load with Switch on = Caetla
    Load with Switch off = UniROM screen

    @ Caetla screen:
    - nocash unlock is automatically applied for Eur/US systems
    - disk autoswap is applied for Jap/Unknown systems.

    @ UniROM screen:
    - Triangle = Load xFlash (supports XLink/XKiller)
    - Circle = Load PSXSerial (supports PSXSerial)
    - Square = Boot to PSX BIOS (supports 24bit colour)
    - Cross = Menu Selection
    - L1 = Disk Swap
    - R1 = nocash unlock
    - Start/Select = Caetla
    - Some other menu options and hidden button combos.
    - UniROM screen (supports MYAR/PAR protocol)

    Included in the download:

    PC Side:
    - PSXSerial 1.3 (Shadow & Jihad)
    - MyAR (Foo Chen Hon)
    - XKiller & GiveIO (Tim Schuerwegen & Sickle)
    - CatflapIO (Intar Technologies & Orion_)

    PSX Side:
    - 224kb Full version with Caetla for Xplorer/PAR, etc
    - (Plus a pre-saved NTSC version for XFX carts)
    - 112kb Lite version without caetla (128kb carts)
    - ISO With XFlash + All Caetla, All XPlorer, UniROM Lite, UniROM Full
    (Burn with ImgBurn @ slowest speed, boot with swap trick or whatever)

    Okie, this is a pretty experimental build but fixes a bunch of issues. If you're wondering where to start, "R2" is the new boot sequence which auto-applies the unlock. Miniupdate: Just stuffed Squaresoft74's complete rom collection into the .zip!


    -Standalone - Use on smaller carts (E.g. 128k)
    -Caetla - Caetla+Unirom combined. * (Carts > 128k) *
    -Plugin - Has shendo's MCLaunch as an optional addon.**
    -NTSC - Use for Jap/American consoles. ***

    Release Notes:

    -Built in Serial Comms:
    - Removed embedded PSXSerial
    - Experimental .BIN upload (PC tool coming soon)
    - More room for plugins!
    -Improved shell boot sequence:
    - Uses BIOS's own boot routine
    - Will warn if you have really old unsupported bios (working on it)
    -Improved fastboot
    - Displays status
    - Fixes a few errors
    -Cheat codes:
    - Caetla now has them. Doesn't crash.
    -Skipped many version numbers arbitrarily.
    - I find weird things amusing.

    Download - V6, 16_09_2016


    * Switch between them at the menu or with the switch atop the cartridge.
    ** You can add your own plugins to any rom that isn't already _PLUGIN.
    *** This is a version of Caetla pre-set to NTSC. Use if for example XFlash supports writing to your EEPROM, but Caetla doesn't. (So it won't be able to save settings once it's on there).

    Further Notes:
    The patched BIOS boot is not working on the really old BIOSes. I could take a stab but without a console in front of me, you'll have to make do with one of the following boot methods: fastboot, caetla fastboot, caetla fullboot, caetla via CDROM menu.

    (All original authors are credited in the .zip for their respective contributions/)
    Orion_, Intar Technologies, Foo Chen Hon, Shadow, Jihad/HITMEN, Silpheed/HITMEN, Tim Schuerwegen, Barog/Napalm, Cat, K-Comms, Herben, CybDyn, Type 79, Inc/Lightforce, nocash/no$, TriMesh, Squaresoft74 and all you lovely PSX Peeps.

    Don't get me wrong- this was a lot of work, but as you can see, overall it quite heavily relies on other peoples' software, so big thanks to everyone.