PS2 VecX 0.2

This is an enhanced port of the Vectrex emulator "VecX".

  1. kozarovv
    VecX PS2

    • VecX PS2 is an "enhanced" port of the Vectrex game console emulator "VecX".

      Enhancements include:
      - basic audio emulation (AY-3-8910 chip)
      - analog stick support
      - vector "persistence" effect using GS alphablending function.

      NB: This version is designed to load Vectrex roms from a USB memory stick (flash drive) ONLY.

      To use the emulator, you will need to be able to boot homebrew on your PS2, and you will need a memory stick (older JetFlash sticks don't seem to work).

      Instructions are in the readme file.

      Get the emulator at:

      (Look in the PS2 programming section).

      Have fun and gimme some feedback.

      - Jum

    • Important:
      To run this emulator, you need to be able either:
      1. Boot a CDR on your PS2, OR...
      2. Load a homebrew ELF file on your PS2 (naplink, ps2link, independance
      exploit, etc).

      Getting Started:
      1. Get a flash drive (also called a memory stick or memory key)
      2. Make a folder called "Vectrex" on the flash drive
      3. Copy some Vectrex game roms into the "Vectrex" folder
      4. Plug the flash drive into your PS2
      5. Boot the VECXPS2 CDR, OR...
      5. Run the VECX.ELF executable program on your PS2

    • Other Info:
      My older Transcend JetFlash 128 doesn't work with VecXPS2 (something to do with the PS2 USB_MASS code), but my newer 1Gig key (Mecer) does work.

      Thanks to...
      Valavan M for making VecX code portable
      The usual suspects in ps2dev for maplink, independance exploit, sbv_patch lib, usb_mass lib etc etc.

      Source code available on request.