VITA / PS TV Viimote 1.0

Plugin that enable Wiimote, nunchack, and classic controller for your PS Vita and PSTV

  1. viimote 1.0

    Fix Wiimote not continuously sending data reports.
  2. viimote beta 5.3

    Fix kernel joystick emulation
  3. viimote beta 5.2

    Set center values to right joystick (when using nunchuk) and triggers
  4. viimote beta 5.1

    Fix Classic Controller
    Map ZL and ZR to Volume up/Volume down
  5. viimote beta 5

    Add Classic Controller support (not tested)
  6. viimote beta 4

    Reset auto-suspend timer when buttons or touch change. (no more screen dimming when using the controller)
    Use ctrl emulation functons instead of hooking (buttons and analogs), this means that the PS button works now.
    Reduce thread stack and mempool sizes (smaller footprint)
    Reset input emulation data when disconnecting
  7. viimote beta 3.2.1

    Should fix a bug on PSTV
  8. viimote beta 3.2

    Add proper Bluetooth pairing (use 1+2 to pair).
    Fix Nunchuk reconnect bug.
    Now it should be compatible with ALL the Wiimotes (including 3rd party ones).
  9. viimote beta 3.1

    Change report type when Nunchuk disconnect
    Properly initialize Nunchuk values
  10. viimote beta3

    Added Bluetooth pairing:
    You first need to connect the Wiimote by pressing the SYNC button instead of 1+2, once the connection is established, the Wiimote will be paired, and if you power it off, you simply need to press any button (instead of pressing SYNC or 1+2) to connect it to the Vita.