VITA / PS TV Vita Activator v0.2

Re-Activate your content on 3.60 with HENkaku

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    • vita-activator

      Use this to get activation data on a 3.60 vita

    • Installation
      • Either download latest vita-activator.vpk under releases

      • Clone repo to your pc
      • and build from sources
      cd vita-activator make clean all
      vita-activator.vpk will be in release folder​

    • Usage
      • Once installed run Vita Activator and then follow on screen instructions

    • v0.2
      • More user friendly and also fixed some compilation issues on certain systems.

      • First working version, very rudimentary. Will be improving upon it in future

    • ]

      About Source Code (from developer ZombieWizzard)
      • Feel free to use vita-activate.c and vita-activate.h in your own projects if you want, it should be simple enough to figure out how to use vita_activate]

    This Homebrew Utility is developed by: ZombieWizzard