VITA / PS TV Vita Moonlight Client alpha 3

Moonlight allows you to stream your collection of games from your GameStream-compatible PC to Vita

  1. kozarovv
    Third vita alpha

    Thanks to @d3m3vilurr there's now support for mouse and L2/R2/L3/R3.
    Use front touchscreen for mouse movements and actions:
    • left click - one finger tap
    • right click - two finger tap
    • pointer move - one finger swipe
    • scroll - two finger swipe
    Use back touchscreen for L2/R2/L3/R3. The zone mappings are:
    • L2(LT): left-top
    • R2(RT): right-top
    • L3(LS CLK): left-botton
    • R3(RS CLK): right-bottom
    Config instructions for alpha3:

    Before you launch the bubble, create ux0:data/moonlight/server.txt and type in your server IP address (e.g.
    Place an additional configuration file to ux0:data/moonlight/settings.txt.
    In that file you write four numbers: stream width, height, FPS and bitrate. So the file might look like this:
    1280 720 30 2000
    for 1280x720 30 FPS and 2000 kbps bitrate
    960 544 60 4000
    for 960x544 60 FPS and 4000 kbps bitrate
    If you want to use Vita native resolution (960x544) you need to go to NVIDIA control panel => change resolution and add the resolution manually. (Customize=>Create custom resolution) Also, some games might need additional settings to stream 960x544 (for example, for Portal 2 I had to add -width 960 -height 544 command line options).

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