VITA / PS TV Vita/PSP/PSX Whitelist DAT's 2016-09-23

Here are the premade whitelist files

  1. atreyu187
    For EML users 3.52 and below

    list_launch_vita.dat gets EML'd to here ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat

    list_launch_emu.dat gets EML'd to here ur0:game/launch/list_launch_emu.dat

    For HENkaku users you can simply FTP the files to the directories above.

    ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat <<< For Whitelsiting Vita games

    ur0:game/launch/list_launch_emu.dat <<< For Whitelisting PSP & PSX games

    HENkaku users for a permanent install of the whitelist that will stay even after a full power off use VitaRW and move the files here after runiing VitaRW either via FTP or VitaShell

    vs0:data/internal/launch/list_launch_emu.dat << For Vita

    vs0:data/internal/launch/list_launch_vita.dat << For PSP & PSX Games
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