VITA / PS TV Vita Save Manager v0.80

A utility for Henkaku to manage your Vita / PSTV Saves by d3m3vilurr

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    • Vita Save Manager

      Here is a handy utility created by developer d3m3vilurr, for managing your Vita Saves (decrypted)​

      Source Code / Releases:

    • How to use

      1. Install vpk
      2. Launch savemgr in Home shell
      3. Select game
      4. Wait 3sec, will auto launch dumper
      5. Dump or Restore game save.
      6. Exit with X (DO NOT FORCE CLOSE)
      7. Auto relaunch savemgr, then cleanup injected things.
      8. Repeat 3~7 steps or close savemgr
      9. Play game.

      If you want to use another dump directory format, make simple config.ini file into ux0:data/savemgr
      • use ux0:data/savegames/PCSH00000_SLOT0
      • use ux0:data/savegames/PCSH00000/SLOT_0
      Default config like this
      Emergency guide

      If you do something mess, please do these steps.
      1. Open VitaShell
      2. If you used this app for dumped or digital game, move to ux0:app/{TITLE_ID}. If used for cartridge game, move toux0:patch
      3. follow your case;
        1. Remove eboot.bin and rename eboot.bin.orig to eboot.bin
        2. Remove {TITLE_ID} directory and rename {TITLE_ID}_orig to {TITLE_ID} if exists directory
      4. Check ux0:data/savemgr/tmp, if exists, remove this.

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