VITA / PS TV vitaAirHockey v0.2

A air-hockey Game for the PS Vita or PlayStation TV (HENkaku)

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    • vitaAirHockey v0.2
      Air Hockey game for PS Vita.

      The simplest Air Hockey game possible:
      • 2 paddles;
      • 1 puck;
      • The score;
      • No AI, local multiplayer only (on the same device).
      But... with:
      • Multi-touch support (front panel);
      • Both analogs support;
      • Possibility to increase and decrease the speed in game (with R and L).
      To-do list
      • Add IA;
      • Add textures;
      • Add sounds and music;
      • Add multilanguage support;
      • Add back touch panel support;
      • Improve the physics and the collisions; (WIP)
      • Add menu; (WIP)
      • Optimizing the code; (WIP)
      • Add livearea and icon; (Done)
      • Improve the UI. (Done)

      • Thanks to xerpi for the base script (based on vitahelloworld).
      • Thanks to Rinnegatamante for his patience.
      • Thanks to all others who have contributed, directly and indirectly.