VITA / PS TV vitaExhumed v1.0

PCExhumed port for PSVITA

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    • vitaExhumed
      PCExhumed port for PSVITA
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      vitaExhumed is a port of PCExhumed, an EDuke32 fork that supports PowerSlave/Exhumed games.
      The Vita port doesn't support Demo files so you should provide STUFF.DAT, BOOK.MOV and DEMO.VCR files from your own game installation.
      Performance should be on par with NRedneck port however, since demo replays are not supported, a performance check for later stages hadn't been done so there could be huge performance issues like with NBlood. If you find any, please report them.

    • Installation:
      • - Install the vpk.
      • - Put STUFF.DAT, BOOK.MOV and DEMO.VCR files in ux0:data/vitaExhumed.

    • Controls:
      • Cross = Jump
      • Left Analog = Move Player
      • Right Analog = Move Camera
      • R = Shoot
      • L = Run/Walk
      • Select = Map
      • Square = Crouch
      • Circle = Open/Activate
      • Start = Pause
      • Left/Right = Change equipped weapon
      • L + Start = Swap between stretched and 4:3 view.

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