VITA / PS TV VitaGraphs 1st Release

A Simple Graphing Calculator (powered by LuaPlayerPlus)

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    Simple Graphing Calculator written on lpp-vita (@Rinnegatamante)​

    • How to Use
      1 Install App
      2 Open App
      3 Press triangle
      4 Write your function (e.g. y=x+x+2*x-1/x)
      5 Done!
      6 Better press Select to exit app​


      • Press Triangle to Write function
        (support "+, -, /, *, ^, abs(), sin(), cos(), tg(), sqrt(), floor(), ceil(), arccos(), arcsin(), arctg()")
      • Press Cross to reset Camera
      • Move Left Stick up and down to Zoom in/out (You can use touchscreen to resize)
      • Move Right Stick to move (You can use touchscreen to move)
      • Press Square to choose Zoom mode (vertical, horizontal, both)