VITA / PS TV vitaHexenII v1.0

Hexen port (henkaku) for PS Vita / PSTV by Rinnegatamante

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    • VitaHexenII
      Official Description (from developer Rinnegatamante)

      vitaHexenII is a port for PSVITA of Hexen II, a popular dark-fantasy fps created by Raven Software using a modified version of Quake Engine.
      It's based on vitaQuake core and it shares a lot of features with it.

    • Features in vitaHEXEN II
      • Support to both standard game and Portal of Praveus expansion
      • Support to both analogs for comfortable aiming and player movement
      • Native support to 960x544 resolution
      • Rescaler in options menu for fps enthusiasts
      • Different hidden features unlocked in the Options Menu (Like FOV)
      • Support to dualshock rumbling when player get hit (PSTV only)
      • Sounds and CDAudio (Soundtrack) support
      • Software GPU Rendering
      • Support to savestates

    • Known bugs
      • Sometimes game can crash when trying to change resolution after starting a game
      • Quake Console and relative logs are disabled due to random crashes caused by RAM texture usage
      • When attempting to change map, sound is not properly paused

    • How to install
      • Place the data folder in ux0:/ and place your data1 folder from your Hexen II purchased installation in ux0:/data/Hexen II. If you want to install also Portal of Praveus, copy also the portals folder to ux0:/data/Hexen II.

    • How to use soundtrack

      • Soundtrack is supported in MIDI, OGG and MP3 formats.
      • Files must be placed in ux0:/data/Hexen II/cdtracks and must be named for example as track00.ogg, track01.ogg, etc...
      • If you are extracting tracks from your Hexen II cd, this is the correspondence between track name and track filename:
        • track02 -> casa1
        • track08 -> egyp3
        • track14 -> roma3
        • track03 -> casa2
        • track09 -> meso1
        • track15 -> casb1
        • track04 -> casa3
        • track10 -> meso2
        • track16 -> casb2
        • track05 -> casa4
        • track11 -> meso3
        • track17 -> casb3
        • track06 -> egyp1
        • track12 -> roma1
        • track07 -> egyp2
        • track13 -> roma2

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