VITA / PS TV VITAident v0.7

VITAident aims to display information about your PS VITA

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    • VITAident
      by Joel16

      Considering the usefulness of 3DSident, PSPident and PS2ident, I decided on making a similar project for PS Vita. VITAident is a tool inspired by PSPident - which was originally developed by Jas0nuk and later updated by Yoti. The tool was used to obtain more information about your PSP's motherboard, firmware etc. Similarly the VITA version - VITAident aims to display more information about your PS VITA. It is currently a work in progress.​

    • Features (as of version 0.4):
      • Displays firmware and model info (Vita fat/slim/TV).
      • Displays PS Vita Unit (cex/dex).
      • Displays Vita motherboard.
      • Displays PS VITA CID (Console ID).
      • Displays PSID.
      • Displays language.
      • Displays IP address.
      • Displays MAC address.
      • Displays ARM, BUS and GPU clock frequency.
      • Displays GPU Xbar clock frequency.
      • Displays battery life time.
      • Displays battery percentage.
      • Displays battery remaining capacity.
      • Displays battery temperature in both degrees C and F.
      • Displays battery voltage.
      • Displays PSN username.
      • Displays SD free and total capacity (Thanks TheOfficialFloW).
      • Displays enter button (Cross/Circle).
      • Automatically saves screenshot upon exit.

    • v0.3
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