VITA / PS TV VITAident v0.7

VITAident aims to display information about your PS VITA

  1. VITAident v0.7

    Original version:
    • Minor code cleanup
    • Added a few battery functions that I've missed from scepower:
      • Battery SOH (State of health) - That is your battery condition in percentage.
      • Battery cycle count
      • Battery full capacity (Previously only remaining capacity was shown)
    • UDCD cable state (Can test if your battery port or cable might be malfunctioning)
    • UDCD charging state
    GUI version:
    • All of the above changes.
    • New ID.DAT menu (GUI...
  2. VITAident v0.6

    • Detect spoofed system version, and actual firmware version.
      System Version -> System software version (spoofed)
      Firmware Version -> Actual firmware version.
    • Remove automatic screenshot upon exit. (Not necessary since the VITA allows us to take screenshots natively.)
      This in turn improves the speed upon exiting the original version.
    GUI Version:
    • All of the above^.
    • New Ubuntu like design. (Cleaner, faster and more user friendly).
  3. VITAident v0.5

    • More accurate model detection for PTEL and PDEL models.
    • Includes fself compression. (Please switch to Taihen)
    • Displays values in their respectful colored category (example red star = red values, just like 3DSident)
    • Detects whether the model supports 3G/WiFi.
    • Display battery charging status.
    • Now uses any key to exit the app (just like 3DSident)
    • Includes all of the above except doesn't use any key to exit.
    • Added a minimal...
  4. VITAIdent v0.4

    VITAident v0.4
    • Detects PCH-1000 and PCH-2000 models (VTE-1000 for VITA TV)
    • Get VITA mobo info, and re-organize information into respectful categories:
      • Kernel, model and ID info
      • System info
      • Battery info
      • Misc info
    • Display enter button:
      • X - US/EU
      • O - Japan
    • Display internal storage info
  5. VITAident v0.3

    - Now grabs username (PSN user id)
    - Displays CEX/DEX/IDU/Debug/Tool info.
    - Model identification (PS VITA/ PS TV).
    - Hide certain info that isn't relevant to VITA TV.
    - Display accurate version under app information.

    - Fixed controls.
    - Displays sub section titles.
    - L/R trigger can be used to cycle through sub sections


  6. VITAident v0.2


    • Displays PSID (Thanks SMOKE)
    • Added automatic screenshot upon exit. (Heavily based off of Rinnegatamante's screenshot.c from rinCheat. so, thanks Rinnegatamante.) Note: The screenshot is saved under ux0:/data/VID000016/screenshots/
    • Now displays MAC address properly.
    • Now displays IP address.
    • Minor code clean-up.