VITA / PS TV vitaQuake v2.9

A Quake port for PS Vita or PlayStation TV f(HENkaku)

  1. vitaQuake v.2.7

    • Fixed a bug causing homebrew to crash on startup if official missionpacks where shipped in data files.
    • Fixed a bug causing mods and missionpacks to use original Quake soundtrack. Now they use their own soundtrack files.
    • Added launchers for official missionpacks on vitaQuake Livearea bubble.
    • Fixed particles rendering. Now it works as intended.
    • Fix for chase camera rendering. Now it draws the player correctly.
    • Fix for mirrors rendering. Now they correctly reflect scene.
    • Added Quake 3 boobing effect to pickups.
    • Fixxed v_gamma command, now it correctly changes game brightness.
    • Increased max texture size from 1024x1024 to 4096x4096 (sceGxm hardware limit).
    • Added specular mode for Quake veteran challengers (gl_xflip)
    • Re-worked Options menu to have all new vitaQuake features.
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