VITA / PS TV vitaQuake v2.9

A Quake port for PS Vita or PlayStation TV f(HENkaku)

  1. VitaQuake

    Changelog v2.9
    • - Fixed a bug causing a game crash when trying to invoke the keyboard in Quake console.
    • - Implemented fullbrights feature (some textures like source of lights are now rendered without being affected by shadows) [Thanks to rsn8887]
    • - Fixed mp3 support for CDAudio tracks. Now works as intended.
    • - Fixed native screenshot (SCR_ScreenShot) feature. Now works as intended.
    • - Fixed a bug randomly causing a game crash when exiting vitaQuake from main menu....
  2. VitaQuake

    Changelog v2.8:
    • Improved Livearea elements (icon and startup banner), thanks to Ch3lin.
    • Improved analogs aim and deadzone (Thanks to rsn8887).
    • Centered end level screen score.
    • Minor bugfix in "Show Weapon" voice not being properly ordered in Options menu.
    • Several bugfixes in the renderer, now everything works as intended.
    • Fix for underwater shadows, now they get rendered as expected.
    • Added support for colored lights in .lit format.
    • Added "Bilinear...
  3. vitaQuake v.2.7

    • Fixed a bug causing homebrew to crash on startup if official missionpacks where shipped in data files.
    • Fixed a bug causing mods and missionpacks to use original Quake soundtrack. Now they use their own soundtrack files.
    • Added launchers for official missionpacks on vitaQuake Livearea bubble.
    • Fixed particles rendering. Now it works as intended.
    • Fix for chase camera rendering. Now it draws the player correctly.
    • Fix for mirrors rendering. Now they correctly reflect...
  4. VitaQuake

    • - Reduced VPK size by removing vita2d dependency.
    • - Added animations interpolation: now animations are a lot more smoother (60fps vs the old 10fps animations).
    • - Fixed underwater visual bug. Now lightmaps are disabled when underwater.
    • - Moved mod manager in-game. Now can be accessed from Options menu.
    • - Removed brown lines at left and right of statusbar, now statusbar will take way less screen space.
    • - Fixed dynamic lights, now they work as intended.
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  5. vitaQuake

    vitaQuake v.2.5 available for download, now with hardware accelerated renderer!

    • Removed Game Resolution, Depth of Field, Always Run settings from Options menu.
    • Added Fog Rendering, Dynamic Shadows, Dynamic Torch Lights settings in Options menu.
    • Moved to hardware accelerated renderer powered by vitaGL.
    • Added several graphics effects to the standard glQuake renderer.
    • Now game will run at fixed 960x544...
  6. VitaQuake v2.10

    • Added a benchmark option in the menu.
    • Fixed a crash caused by being out of bounds.
    • Fixed the IP:Port resolving problem.
    • Added a serverlist option in Join Game screen with a couple of multiplayer servers available.
    • Added a new official multiplayer server with deatmatch-only maps (Requires Full Game).
    • Fixed controllers vibration. Now works as intended. (PSTV only)
    • Merged the mod selection menu in the main app. (Hold R-Trigger once the screen is black to load it.)....
  7. VitaQuake v2.0


    Changes in VitaQuake version 2.0

    • Added "Show Framerate" in Options that will toggle an fps counter on screen.
    • Fixed demos playback rotation. Now demos are correctly played in sequence.
    • Added "Rumble Effect" in Options that enable dualshock rumbling when you get hit (PSTV only).
    • Implemented MultiPlayer Locale / Online with support to native Quake and ProQuake servers.
    • Added an official server in "Join Game" window...
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