VITA / PS TV vitaQuakeIII (Quake 3 Arena / Team Arena) v0.8

A Quake 3: Arena + Quake 3: Team Arena port for PSVITA

  1. vitaQuakeIII v.0.8

    You need to update data files too in order to get advantage of all the changes listed below.

    - Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
    - Increased available memory of the engine.
    - Fixed crashes in OpenArena with certain maps at loading screen.
    - Fixed a bug in OpenArena causing the game to crash when leaving a match.
    - Implemented map downloader for all cores (q3a, q3ta, oa)
    - Fixed a bug causing random crashes when trying to join some online servers on all cores (q3a, q3ta, oa)
    - Added hack for paletted JPG images (should fix some maps not loading)
    - Made so that console is not spammed anymore during online matches with NET_GetPacket fake errors.
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